The first Grass pen [Shirakimine grace pink]

The following picture shows the pen.

Shirakimine Plateau is the name of hill which is visible on Unzen Fugendake and Isahaya Bay Nagasaki prefecture. In the season when the clear autumn sky clears up, the autumn cherry blossoms gently wraps around and reaches its best. The beautiful scenery like white and pink carpets is one of the natural beauty scenes that represent Nagasaki. The Cosmos noble(beautiful autumn flowers)and gentle beauty swaying in a pleasant and refreshing autumn breeze is expressed the glass fountain pen.

Based on a fountain pen from the Ya-chin Style in Taiwan, it has been finished in an elegant original color inspired by the gentle pink of Cosmos.

The beautiful glass nib with a double twist shape realizes a smooth writing comfort with an ink flow that flows like a fountain pen.

Base: Yaching Style glass-nib fountain pen
Main body: 11.5 mm × 132 mm
Weight: 37.0 g
Accessories: Converter, felt pen case
Nib: Double twisted glass nib
Color: Grace Pink / Metal: Pink Gold
Character width: Fine character (F)
Price: 23,000 yen + tax

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